About Us

Clinicity was founded with the dual purpose of measurably improving the lives of people with chronic diseases and raising the productivity and profitability of healthcare clinics. The company was formed by a group of business leaders, scientists and engineers with experience in medical devices, digital technology, software development, operational improvement, and management. The Clinicity team has applied innovative approaches to solve challenges for healthcare professionals, clinics and hospitals. Our first digital health solution was built for heart clinics to improve remote patient monitoring of cardiac implantable devices.

Our Mission

Clinicity’s mission is to measurably improve the outcomes of patients with chronic disease and the economics of provider care, using digital health technologies and process optimization. Our vision is to become the preferred provider of industry-leading remote patient monitoring, device data management, and workflow solutions.

Our Values

At Clinicity we have five core values that direct our everyday work. One, build innovative, scalable, and robust solutions that solve real-world problems in healthcare. Two, meet and exceed healthcare compliance standards in all our products and services and operate ethically in every line of business. Three, deliver positive value and allow all providers of care to receive fair compensation for their products and services. Four, continually develop employee careers and skill sets and take time to educate partners and clients on best practices. Five, work smarter and operate more efficiently than competitors to deliver greater value to our customers.